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Speed Bumps

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Get the latest specifications on the best quality speed bumps and traffic calming systems. Save valuable install time and costs by installing modular speed bumps instead of concrete or tarmac. Have an upcoming speed bump project? Call our experts on 01 531 2777 or email [email protected] for the best quotes and bulk discounts.

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20 Item(s)

Speed Bumps

At PITTMAN™ we specialise in modular rubber speed bumps – the favoured choice for traffic calming in Ireland.  Speed bumps are just one of the modular rubber traffic calming systems that we offer: others include speed humps, speed cushions, temporary speed bumps and speed tables.

What is the purpose of speed bumps?
Speed bumps are used to slow vehicle traffic. The bump they cause deter drivers from driving over them at high speeds. 

A speed cushion or speed table will provide a less severe bump. This will slow traffic considerably but not to a near stop like speed bumps would. This is ideal for urban settings where traffic needs to remain flowing.

How to install speed bumps?

Speed bumps can be bolted directly into the ground for instant traffic calming. Modular speed bumps are very easy to install and are much more cost-effective than concrete speed bumps.

Road bumps deter cars from speeding. The bump causes a car to jolt uncomfortably if driven over too quickly. Use a road bump where there is immediate danger to pedestrians or build up areas.

Why use a modular rubber traffic calming system?
Rubber speed bumps have distinct advantages over a concrete or tarmac formed speed ramp. The precise moulding on a rubber bump means the height is uniform across the width of the speed bump and speed is regulated exactly. There is a great difference on the deflection achieved by a 50mm speed bump and an irregularly formed 30mm concrete version. Remember also rubber speed bumps will not chip, rot or crack. The modular sections are easily replaced if damaged or worn, whereas repairing a tarmac speed bump is very problematic. Foremost is the ease of installation of rubber speed bumps – supplied in modular bolt-down sections – fitting is fast, safe and less disruptive than forming a speed ramp from concrete or tarmac.

We believe we have the widest and best range of speed bumps in the UK:

Pittman 50mm Speed Bump Kit– ideal for residential or low traffic areas

XPT-50 Speed Bump Kit 50mm – made from 100% pure vulcanised rubber for ultimate durability

JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit 75mm - extreme height, for areas with immediate danger to pedestrians

XPT Berlin Speed Cushion – for areas with mixed HGV and cars with a visual and physical speed deterrent

XPT Modular Rubber Pedestrian Crossing Speed Table - reduce urban traffic speed and provide a safe pedestrian crossing

Why choose Plastic Speed Bumps?

Plastic speed ramps are mostly lightweight and allow for quick and easy installation on site. Because they are lightweight they are suitable for use with cars and would not be suited to HGV use or heavy traffic volumes.

Our Tiger Speed Bump Complete Kit 40mm is an excellent plastic speed bump - each bump comes with all the sections and end caps you need to make a kit of that size. The Tiger bump gets its name from the large eye reflectors on each side providing excellent visibility at all times. The plastic sections can be easily installed into concrete or tarmac and come with fixings to do so. Once installed the speed bumps will slow traffic to approximatley 10km/h.

Email our sales team for any assistance or advise choosing the best traffic calming system for your property at [email protected]


 Speed Bumps

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