Speed Hump Black/Yellow Safety Sign

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Standard W130 Sign for Irish Roads

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  • 600 x 600mm diamond format
  • 2mm aluminium - high quality design
  • Includes fixings for 76mm pole - easy install
  • Engineering grade reflective -  high visibility
  • Resistant to all kinds of weathering - long-lasting


Anti Rust
Easy Installation
Professional Use
High Visibility
Bolts included

The Speed Hump Safety Sign is a very simple yet very effective product, ideal for use in many kinds of areas, including housing estates, car parks etc. This highly visible sign displays a very easy to see speed hump symbol that helps to warn drivers that there are speed humps installed in the area - thus urging motorists to take care when driving in the area as well as reducing their speed.

Each Speed Hump sign comes with channels fitted at the back and they also come with clips that allow the customer to install these signs directly onto most standard 76mm poles, providing a quick and easy method of warning motorists.  Their aluminium design also allows them to be excellent for use outdoors while being very resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.

Speed hump signs will provide highly visible warning of speed humps in the area.

  • Comes in a large 600 x 600mm size 
  • These Speed Hump Safety Signs are made with engineering grade reflective, ensuring that all motorists in the area are aware of its presence
  • The black speed hump symbol on the yellow background provides a clear, concise message to motorists while it's in use
  • This sign is fitted with aluminium channels at the back which allows the customer to install the sign quickly and easily to most standard 76mm poles, making them ideal for use in most kinds of areas
  • Because these safety signs are made from aluminium they are very resistant to weathering and should provide an excellent service for many years
  • These speed hump signs are made in a diamond-shaped format, ideal for installing in most areas

This speed hump safety sign provides a clear and concise message to drivers in the area. Order today from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment for the best in safety signs and traffic products.