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Ireland's best range of traffic calming measures made for urban settings. Choose speed bumps for instant speed reduction, a speed cushion for city and town traffic calming, or a speed table to minimise speed disruption in urban areas. The modular design allows for fast installation on-site with minimal road disruption to drivers. High-quality designs mean reduced maintenance and replacement. Have an upcoming traffic calming project? Call our sales team on 01 531 2777 or email

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Traffic Calming
XPT-50 Speed Bump Kit 50mmXPT-50 Speed Bump Kit 50mm
SKU: 747004
XPT XPT-50 Speed Bump Kit 50mm
Sale priceFrom €283.50ex VAT
Perfect For HGV Traffic
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Tiger Speed Bump Complete Kit - 40mmTiger Speed Bump Complete Kit - 40mm
SKU: 899004
Pittman® Tiger Speed Bump Complete Kit - 40mm
Sale priceFrom €175.00ex VAT
6 Reflectors per Section for Ultimate Visibility
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Pittman™ 50mm Speed Bump KitPittman™ 50mm Speed Bump Kit
SKU: 756121
Pittman® Pittman™ 50mm Speed Bump Kit
Sale priceFrom €140.00ex VAT
Best Selling Speed Bump for Light Traffic
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XPT - Berlin Speed CushionXPT - Berlin Speed Cushion
SKU: 747501
XPT XPT - Berlin Speed Cushion
Sale priceFrom €1,015.00ex VAT
4-Piece Kit for Quick Install in 2-3 Hours
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Plastic Safety Rumble Strip YellowPlastic Safety Rumble Strip Yellow
SKU: 763661
Pittman® Plastic Safety Rumble Strip Yellow
Sale price€30.00ex VAT
Versatile PU Strips for Light-Duty Traffic Calming
XPT® Modular Speed Table SystemXPT® Modular Speed Table System
SKU: 747400
XPT XPT® Modular Speed Table System
Slows Urban Traffic to 30km/h - 100% Recycled Rubber
XPT London Speed Cushion SystemXPT London Speed Cushion System
SKU: 895795
XPT XPT London Speed Cushion System
100% Recycled Rubber with High Sound and Vibration Absorption
XPT Mini Refuge IslandXPT Mini Refuge Island
SKU: 747800
XPT XPT Mini Refuge Island
XPT - Modular Rubber Pedestrian Crossing Speed TableXPT - Modular Rubber Pedestrian Crossing Speed Table
SKU: 747300
XPT XPT - Modular Rubber Pedestrian Crossing Speed Table
100% Pure Vulcanised Rubber Pedestrian Crossing
XPT Refuge IslandXPT Refuge Island
SKU: 747700
XPT XPT Refuge Island
XPT Traffic IslandXPT Traffic Island
SKU: 747900
XPT XPT Traffic Island
XPT Mini RoundaboutXPT Mini Roundabout
SKU: 747950
XPT XPT Mini Roundabout
Sale priceFrom €4,595.00ex VAT
Impact Resistant Modular Roundabout System
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Ramps Ahead Black / White Safety Sign
SKU: 815750
Pittman® Ramps Ahead Black / White Safety Sign
Sale priceFrom €35.00ex VAT
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Speed Hump Road Sign
SKU: 815759
Pittman® Speed Hump Black/Yellow Safety Sign
Sale price€69.50ex VAT
Speed Ramps (Dual Format) Safety Sign
SKU: 815875
Pittman® Speed Ramps (Dual Format) Safety Sign
Sale priceFrom €55.95ex VAT
Long Lasting Safety Sign
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Traffic calming is the use of physical measures to control vehicle speed. The main aim of traffic calming is to slow vehicles and reduce the risk of traffic accidents. This can help to maintain safe environments for both drivers and pedestrians on public roads.

Traffic calming works by creating physical changes to the road layout. Standard measures mean creating a speed bump or ramp that drivers must go over when on that road. The driver must slow to the appropriate speed in order to avoid an uncomfortable drive or possible damage to their car.

Traffic calming may include a collection of devices, including signage, ground markings or speed bumps.

What is a Traffic Calming Measure?

A traffic calming measure is a bump or hump used to slow vehicles down. The sharp bump caused by the traffic calmer deters drivers from speeding. By controlling vehicle speed overall risk of accidents is reduced.

A speed cushion or speed table will provide a less severe bump. These measures allow traffic to flow at a reasonable speed, ideal for urban settings like towns or cities.

traffic calming

Traffic calming will include devices such as:

  • Speed Bumps - Speed bumps are the most effective traffic calming measure. The physical bump caused to drivers has proven to deter drivers from speeding in the area
  • Speed Cushions - The speed cushion will slow vehicles but allow traffic to flow at a reasonable speed. Studies have shown that traffic calming devices like these not only slow vehicle traffic drastically, they also reduce the severity of accidents if they occur.

  • Speed Tables - A speed table can reduce traffic speed while also creating a pedestrian crossing for a public street. Speed tables and speed cushions are also better traffic calming systems where emergency vehicles are concerned.

  • Sleeping Policeman - Sleeping policeman is a common UK term used for speed bumps or speed humps.

  • Street furniture - Street Furniture refers to devices or equipment installed on public roads. Street furniture like refuge islands or cycle lane separators can help to guide vehicles and protect cyclists from harm.

Appropriate signage may also be deployed to work alongside the traffic calming measures.

Where is traffic calming needed?

Traffic calming is needed where there is an immediate danger to pedestrians. The measures aim to reduce speed on the approach to built up areas. They are usually installed in towns and cities, reducing the speed of vehicles with high volumes of pedestrians in the area.

Kerb extensions, road markings, signage or street furniture can also be used to funnel vehicles towards the traffic calming device or to give a clear warning of the devices in place.

What traffic calming measure to use?

The most popular traffic calming measure is a speed ramp in the road. The physical bump caused to drivers is enough to deter them from speeding in an area. Kerb extensions and road markings can also be used to funnel vehicles towards the bump or ramp.

At Pittman we have various traffic calming measures available including traffic calming rumble strips and traffic calming humps.

The XPT-50 Speed Bump Kit 50mm is made from the toughest vulcanised rubber and provides the ultimate solution for longevity and durability while in use.

traffic calming devices
traffic calming solutions

When you need a traffic calming measure that incorporates pedestrian safety to the highest manner our XPT Modular Rubber Pedestrian Crossing Speed Table can provide the best solution. This high-quality rubber speed table helps to slow down traffic in a busy area while also providing a means for pedestrians to cross roads safely.

For a quick traffic calming solution our XPT Berlin Speed Cushion comes in 4 modular sections and helps to slow down traffic in a busy area while allowing emergency vehicles to proceed over them with great ease.

For more information on our Traffic Calming Measures call us today - we can quote on anything from in the traffic calming range within 24 hours.