Temporary Speed Bumps

Temporary Speed Bumps can be used to slow vehicle traffic for short periods of time. Temporary speed bumps are used where there is a diversion in place or during public events.

What are temporary speed bumps?

Temporary speed bumps are used to slow vehicle traffic on a temporary basis. They are often used until permanent options can be put in place or during public events such as festivals or tradeshows. They are also used during roadworks where necessary.

Is is important to note that temporary bumps should be supervised at all times while in use.

what are temporary speed bumps?

How to install a temporary speed hump?

Most temporary speed humps will be easy to install. They can be laid loosely on the ground where intended for use. When not required they can be simply picked up and stored.

The Portable Speed Ramp provides an instant on-site traffic calming option. Each unit rolls out to form a 3 metre traffic calming option for an area. The ramp is only 12kg in total weight - deploy easily.

Can you bolt down portable speed bumps?

There are some temporary speed bump options that can be bolted down for longer term use. The Easy Rider Complete Speed Bump Kit can be used as a temporary traffic calmer. The sections are 1800mm and 1200mm long which allow for faster installation. 

portable speed bumps

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