Sign Accessories

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Galvanised Sign Pole 3300mm
SKU: 749100
Pittman® Galvanised Sign Pole 3300mm
Sale price€132.00ex VAT
Suitable For Use With Signs & Mirrors
Galvanised Sign Pole with BaseGalvanised Sign Pole (76mm) with Base Plate
SKU: 749105
Pittman® Galvanised Sign Pole (76mm) with Base Plate
Sale price€229.00ex VAT
24 Inch Screw Band Buckle and Universal Channel Clamp
SKU: 819901
Pittman® 24 Inch Screw Band Buckle and Universal Channel Clamp
Sale price€11.50ex VAT
Temporary Sign Frame Stanchion
SKU: 749146
Pittman® Temporary Sign Frame Stanchion
Sale price€49.50ex VAT
Sign Pole Fixing Clip Set
SKU: 749010
Pittman® Sign Pole Fixing Clip Set
Sale price€3.49ex VAT
Suspended FramesSuspended Frames
SKU: 796281A
Pittman Ireland Suspended Frames
Sale priceFrom €47.67ex VAT
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Stainless Steel Channel Clips
SKU: 791022
Pittman Ireland Stainless Steel Channel Clips
Sale price€6.95ex VAT

Sign Accessories are used to mount or display the safety signs, road signs and information sign etc. These include Galvanised  Sign Post Sign Pole, Stainless Steel Channel Clips, Suspended Frames, Sign Pole Fixing Clip Set, Temporary Sign Frame Stanchion etc. Galvanised Sign Post Pole (1300mm) is used to mount low level road signs such as disabled parking space signs. Supplied with a doomed head pole it is to be concreted 400mm into the ground, giving above ground height of 900mm. Suspended frames are available in ranges of colours and sizes to suit your requirements. They are supplied complete with a suspension kit for easy installation. They can be used either single or double sided.