Stainless Steel Channel Clips

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Use to Attach Aluminium Signs to 76mm Poles

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The Stainless Steel Channel Clips are perfect for quickly installing pole mounted signs

  • Available in 50mm or 76mm diameter
  • Insert onto aluminium signs with channels
  • Fast installation - mount to pole in seconds
  • Stainless steel design - highly robust
Anti Rust
Easy Installation
Professional Use

The Stainless Steel Channel Clips allow for quick mounting of aluminium signs to 50mm or 76mm diameter poles. The clips allow for easy insertion into the mounting channels on the back of standard signs. Once in place the signs can be mounted to the pole with ease. 

Each set comes with the mounting clip, screw and nut. Simply slide the clip into the channels and insert the fixings in place. Once you are happy with the placement you can tighten into place.

if you are installing the sign onto a larger pole use the 24 inceh screwband buckle and channel clamp. This is ideal for installing signs onto electricity poles or industrial poles.