50mm Speed Ramp End Cap Black

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End-cap Sections to finish off your Speed Ramp. Ideal for replacing flatten end caps on your Speed Ramp Complete Kit 50mm Economy. The end caps allow you to have a smooth slope down to the road surface and eliminate any trip hazards that could result. The end cap also gives you a professional finish for your ramp.

  • Pre-drilled holes allow you to easily bolt the end cap down, and embedded washers makes the job even easier.
  • Remember to order 2 x M16 Coach Screw & rawlplug set to install the end cap.
  • Synthetic rubber is strong enough for cars and light vans, lasting up to 2 years if they are regularly driven over.
Bolt Down
Easy Installation
Rated at 10mp/h

The Speed Ramp End Cap is perfect for finishing off your ramp safely. The smooth slope to the road means you will minimise the risk of people tripping over the ramp. It also leaves you with a professional finish.

The end cap will fit flush to the mid sections of your Economy Speed Ramp. It’s designed for smaller traffic such as cars and light vans, lasting up to 2 years with cars regularly driving over it. If you need something tougher then try our 50mm Premium Speed Ramp.

  • Length 175mm
  • Width (distance you drive over) 350mm
  • Height 50mm
  • Material: Synthetic Rubber