Snickers Gloves

The Most Durable Work Gloves for the Most Demanding Environments

Choose Snickers® workgloves for for wind and water resistant hand protection in the workplace. High protection against cuts with reinforced grip for indoor or outdoor work. Call our experts on 01 531 2777 or email for fast quotes on your next workwear requirement.

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Snickers Gloves
High-performance fingerless gloves for precision and comfort.
SKU: 858701
Snickers Snickers workwear 9586 Power Open Gloves
Sale price€30.81ex VAT
Durable and Water-Protective PU Palm Material
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"Precision and Protection Work Gloves with close fit design"
SKU: 858648
Snickers Snickers 9574 Precision Protect Gloves
Sale price€32.52ex VAT
Close Fit Design for Precision Work
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Second Skin Work Gloves with optimized grip for precision tasks"
SKU: 750818
Snickers Snickers 9323 Precision Flex Comfy Gloves
Sale price€5.61ex VAT
Breathable Design - Reduces Moisture for Superior Comfort
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"Extra Thin and Tight Precision Work Gloves with polyurethane-coated palm"High fingertip sensitivity gloves for detailed precision work"
SKU: 858364
Snickers Snickers 9321 Precision Flex Light Gloves
Sale price€2.48ex VAT
Ventilating Elastic Polyamide - Superior Freedom of Movement
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Insulated Precision Work Gloves with brushed inside liner"Snickers 9319 Weather Flex Sense Gloves
SKU: 858361
Snickers Snickers 9319 Weather Flex Sense Gloves
Sale price€10.77ex VAT
Latex Coated Palm - Soft Design with High Level of Grip
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"Durable All-Round Work Gloves with high fingertip sensitivity"Professional work gloves with nitrile foam palm coating"
SKU: 858319
Snickers Snickers 9305 Precision Flex Duty Gloves
Sale price€4.47ex VAT
Ventilating Elastic Polyamide - Excellent Freedom of Movement
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Snickers® work gloves provide superior protection, comfort, and durability for a range of demanding work tasks. These gloves are engineered to meet the best quality hand protection in the workplace, greatly reducing the risk of hand injuries when it comes to tool use.

The high quality materials used in Snickers gloves mean reduced need to constantly replace like other brands. The tough designs are made for the harshest of environments, with excellent protection against wind and rain for outdoor work.

The ergonomically designed gloves provide better fit to the shape of your hands, providing more comfort and freedom of movement while working.

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snickers work gloves

With enhanced grip the Snickers gloves ensure a secure hold on tools and help to reduce the risk of workplace tool accidents. This grip also works well in wet or oily work conditions.

The versatile glove range includes options for light and heavy duty requirements. The Snickers 9323 Precision Flex Comfy Gloves provide a thin "second-skin" feel that that provides excellent comfort and movement. The comfortable design makes them perfect for everyday wear.

The Snickers 9574 Precision Protect Gloves in particular provide an excellent all-round work glove suitable when precision work is required. The cushioning at the palm sides, rubber pads on the thumbs and reinforced padding at the knuckles help to provide one of the strongest finger protection options. The conductive fingertips also mean that smartphones can be easily used and accessed with the gloves on.