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Unrivalled Comfort and Quality for Everday Workwear

Choose Snickers® t-shirts for the best quality short-sleeve wear for work . Snickers t-shirts are perfect for company profiling and branding opportunities - create high quality work uniforms. Call our experts on 01 531 2777 or email for fast quotes on your next workwear requirement.

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Snickers T-Shirts
Snickers 2590 Logo T-ShirtSnickers 2590 Logo T-Shirt
SKU: 751566
Snickers Snickers 2590 Logo T-Shirt
Sale price€17.48ex VAT
Clean Design Made for Everyday Workwear
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High-visibility double-weave t-shirt with heat-sealed segmented reflective tape.Class 2 high-visibility t-shirt with raglan sleeves for comfort
SKU: 751962
Snickers Snickers 2539 High-Vis Class 2 T-Shirt
Sale price€54.07ex VAT
Certified to Class 2 - EN ISO 20471
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High visibility polyester t-shirt with reflective details for safety.Comfortable and durable high visibility t-shirt in yellow.
SKU: 751969
Snickers Snickers 2433 High-Vis Long Sleeve T-Shirt Class 2 - Yellow
Sale price€46.75ex VAT
Certified to Class 2 - EN ISO 20471
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High-Vis Long Sleeve T-Shirt Class 2 - Front View"Comfortable Polyester High-Vis T-Shirt"
SKU: 751983
Snickers Snickers 2433 High-Vis Long Sleeve T-Shirt Class 2 - Orange
Sale price€46.75ex VAT
Certified to Class 2 - EN ISO 20471
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Snickers 2502 Classic T-ShirtSnickers 2502 Classic T-Shirt
SKU: 851222
Snickers Snickers 2502 Classic T-Shirt
Sale price€10.81ex VAT
Ideal for Company Profiling and Branding
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Crafted from high-quality materials, Snickers® t-shirts are designed to withstand regular daily wear while maintaining their shape and colour. Ideal for demanding work environments, Snickers t-shirts offer the reliability you and your team need.

Choose from a range of colour and size options to suit you or your team. Designed with the wearer in mind, Snickers t-shirts offer superior comfort and functionality. Featuring breathable fabrics and ergonomic designs, they ensure your team stays comfortable throughout the day.

Reinforced designs mean less need to replaced over time. Reinforced seams at the shoulder and neck reduce the risk of tearing while lycra neck ribs help the shirt to maintain its shape.

For an excellent uniform option consider Snickers polo shirts to include collars and chest pockets.

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Company Profiling

Use Snickers t-shirts to display your company's image. These t-shirts are perfect for company profiling, providing a professional and consistent appearance for your team. Whether on-site or at events, your staff will represent your brand with professionalism.

Custom Branding

Enhance your brand visibility with your own custom branding options on Snickers® t-shirts. Add your company logo or slogan to create a cohesive and recognisable look. The empty spaces on the t-shirts leaves plenty of room to stitch or print your branding.