Snickers Polo Shirts

Choose Snickers® Polo Shirts for Unvrivalled Flexibility and Comfort

Snickers® polo shirts provide excellent worker flexibility for daily indoor or outdoor work. Classic polo shirt designs meet style with comfort. Suitable for company profiling or branding opportunities. Call our experts on 01 531 2777 or email for fast quotes on your next workwear requirement.

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Snickers Polo Shirts
Snickers 2750 Two-Coloured Polo ShirtSnickers 2750 Two-Coloured Polo Shirt
SKU: 751503
Snickers Snickers 2750 Two-Coloured Polo Shirt
Sale price€19.92ex VAT
Classic Polo with Excellent Durability
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Snickers 2721 AllroundWork Polo ShirtSnickers 2721 AllroundWork Polo Shirt
SKU: 751538
Snickers Snickers 2721 AllroundWork Polo Shirt
Sale price€29.28ex VAT
100% Recycled Polyester For Unrivalled Comfort
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Snickers 2708 Classic Polo ShirtSnickers 2708 Classic Polo Shirt
SKU: 851428
Snickers Snickers 2708 Classic Polo Shirt
Sale price€21.54ex VAT
Reinforced Polo Suitable for Company Profiling
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Snickers 2724 Allroundwork 37.5® Polo ShirtSnickers 2724 Allroundwork 37.5® Polo Shirt
SKU: 751524
Snickers Snickers 2724 Allroundwork 37.5® Polo Shirt
Sale price€36.59ex VAT
Patented 37.5® Material - Optimal Ventilation
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Snickers® polo shirts are designed for all work conditions. Suitable for working indoors and outdoors, these shirts provide the comfort and durability you need for all-day working comfort. Their high-quality fabric ensures they withstand the demands of any job and allow for excellent flexibility while moving. Lightweight polyester materials man efficent moisture transport.

The classic polo shirt design comes with reinforced seams for added protection. The easy-care finish means they are machine washable up to 70°C and are extremely resistant to colour fading over time.

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These polo shirts are tailored for flexibility. The lightweight and breathable material allows for easy movement, ensuring you can work as normal without restrictions. They are ideal for trade workers who need to stay active and on the move throughout the day.

The spacious designs on the Snickers® polo shirts offer great opportunities for company branding. They are perfect for showcasing your company logo or custom branding. Customise them with your logo for a professional finish and a great means of creating work uniforms for your team. Combine with Snickers® trousers to create a stylish but professional work look for your team.

For other branding opportunties consider Snickers® t-shirts for a lighter, more casual look.