FlexPro 110 Expandable Barrier

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Robust Steel and Aluminium Design

Delivery: Normally 5 - 7 Days

  • Fully expanded - 3500mm
  • Fully closed - 330mm
  • Height - 940mm
  • 8.5kg total weight
  • Robust steel frame with aluminium cross members
  • Lockable castors - allow for movement when needed
  • Highly visible yellow/black design - very noticeable
  • Close off an area in seconds - perfect for work crews
  • Join multiple units together - close off larger areas
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use

The FlexPro 110 Expandable Barrier allows you to close off an area in mere seconds - the highly durable and highly effective barrier can be used to separate pedestrians or close off a dangerous area to customers, visitors or employees.

Each expandable barrier is made from highly durable steel and comes with an aluminium cross member. The robust steel design makes it highly effective for the busiest of areas while the aluminium helps to keep it lightweight enough for normal use.

How to use expandable barriers

Each barrier is highly visible yellow and black in colour and is perfect for closing off areas where it will be noticed by nearby pedestrians. Once expanded each barrier opens up to 3300mm in length and can be joined together with other units to close off even larger areas. 

When put in place the lockable castors help the expanding barrier to remain in position and when unlocked they can be moved around to where they need with great ease.