Gripwalker™ Lite Swimming Pool Mat

Mat Colour: Blue
Mat Size: 91cm x linm
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Anti-Slip Hygenic Mat

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  • Anti-slip hygenic mat for wet areas
  • Suitable for medium duty ust
  • Open design for drainage
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria/funghi
  • Ideal for barefoot use
  • Features MicroStop™ microbacterial treatment
  • Loose lay
  • Anti-slip rated
  • 11mm thick
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The Gripwalker™ Lite Swimming Pool Mat is an anti-slip hygienic mat designed for wet indoor areas. The mat is ideal for shower rooms, swimming pools, saunas, etc. and provides traction for people walking around in these areas. Made from light duty antibacterial PVC with a wave design. The design offers a comfortable walking surface for bare feet.

The mat is anti-bacterially treated to prevent growth of fungi or bacteria. The open structure provides easy draining where dependable sure footing is necessary. It is also anti-slip rated R10.

The Gripwalker™ Lite is easy to clean and required only minimal maintenance. It is a loose lay mat and is easily installed. Multiple mats can be joined and the mat can be cut on site.

Recommended use for the Gripwalker™ Lite Swimming Pool Mat:

Suitable for medium duty conditions.

For placement in wet areas where traction and comfort are needed for users. Ideal for locker rooms, public swimming pools, commercial saunas, and shower facilities.


  • Thickness: 5.3mm
  • Material: Antibacterial PVC
  • Weight: 3.6kg m²
  • Anti-microbial treated to prevent growth of fungi or bacteria

Cleaning Instructions:

Use a high-pressure hose (124 bar max.) with hot water (no greater than 70˚C max.), especially efficient to remove oils from the mat. The use of a mild soap, mild detergent OR non-butyl degreaser is suggested for a better result.