Luminescent Tape - Hi-Vis Warning Tape

Option: 25mm x 25m - White
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Highly visible Luminescent Tape for marking floors or doorways

  • Luminescent light lasts up to 1 hour
  • Reflective design for high visibility during bad lighting or smoke
  • Allows employees to clearly see marked doorways or floors
  • Excellent for improving health and safety standards
  • Available in 3 variations

Luminescent Tape is perfect for hazard warnings in areas with bad lighting or smoke. The long-lasting luminous tape is easy to apply to most surfaces. It has a tough and durable adhesive backing while will attach itself to surfaces. It’s great for marking internal passages or warning vehicles about walls, stairways and other property in dark areas.

Reflective Tape can be a huge health and safety advantage. During times with bad lighting such as a power outage or if a fire breaks out, the tape can be a life saver. Strategically placed tape can guide you to exits safely, giving you a secure exit from the building.

The hazard warning tape comes in 3 variations, red/lux-white, black/lux-white and pure lux-white. All rolls come in 50mm and 100mm widths, while the pure lux-white also comes in 25mm width. The red/lux-white and black/lux-white rolls come in 2 roll containers; one dispensing right and one dispensing left. The lux-white roll comes in roll packs.

Product Dimensions:

Red/lux-white and Black/lux-white

    • Length: 16 Metres
    • Widths: 50mm and 100mm
    • Specifics: 2 rolls per order – one dispenses left, one dispenses right

Lux-white only:

    • Length: 25 Metres
    • Widths: 25mm, 50mm and 100mm
    • Specifics: One roll per pack