Roller Aluminium Storage Cases

Size: 870 x 350 x 345mm (862305)
SKU: 862305
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Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage Cases

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  • Textured and scratch-resistant surface
  • Lid and container with robust pressed sections at rims
  • Lid with full rubber seal and 2 retaining straps
  • Stackable
  • 2 spring-drop handles
  • 2 hinged fasteners, additional cylinder locks
  • Optional u-locks or lead seals
  • 2 wheels on one narrow side, rubber castors
Professional Use
Heavy Duty
Anti Rust
High Visibility

The Roller Aluminium Storage Boxes are a perfect means of transporting essential goods and belongings.  Made from the best in aluminium, these storage cases are extremely durable and help to protect important items, including business materials or personal belongings.

Easy to move, it protects your high-value products against damage and the weather and also has other benefits that make it ideal for storage and transport. Each roller storage case has 2 wheels with rubber castors on the narrow side so you can easily move items when needed.  To make it even easier, each case is fitted with 2 spring-drop handles so that you can move the case easily - the handles will then recess back towards the case automatically when not needed.

If you require multiple roller storage cases, they can easily be stacked on top of each other. This makes them perfect for storing large amounts of equipment or belongings at once.

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Product Specifications:

Inside dimensions - 870 x 350 x 345  /  950 x 385 x 373mm

Outside dimensions - 975 x 415 x 375  /  1055 x 450 x 403mm

Capacity - 105  /  150 litres

Weight - 8.3kg  /  9.3kg