The Pittman® Street Experience - Demonstrating Innovative Active Travel and Street Furniture Solutions

The Pittman® Street Experience is a visual street tour demonstrating how our innovative active travel and street furniture products can benefit an Irish street. This visual experience lets you get the authentic look and feel of how effective active travel and street furniture systems can be.

Our full range of products from the video can be found below -

As city and town councils look to improve active travel and street facilities, street infrastructure will significantly change across Ireland.
Active travel has become more prevalent in the last few years, with many people seeking to reduce emissions, reduce the need for car use, and find new, healthier ways to commute.

Active travel is defined as "travelling with a purpose", mainly those who commute for work and school. The same active travel systems will aim to create safer road spaces for cyclists, scooter users, walkers and motorists and can significantly reduce road traffic accidents. Moreover, it can help reduce traffic congestion and free up public transport for those who most need it.

Street furniture can also boost local streetscapes, including public seating, litter bins, planters, and notice boards. In addition, street furniture will provide instant benefits to pedestrians, encouraging more use of town and city environments while creating more vibrant, colourful social settings.

The XPT Modular Speed Table - this traffic calming system is made from 100% recycled rubber and ensures low sound and vibration for easier and safer travel. The speed table aims to slow traffic to approximately 30km/h, reducing vehicle speeds but allowing for better traffic flow through towns and cities.

Cycle Max Impact Recovery Bollard - use the Cycle Max bollard to mark cycle lanes while separating cycling and vehicle traffic. The 480mm high reflective sheeting is fully TSRGD compliant and will instantly boost visibility. Each post has reflective bike symbols on each to mark the cycle lane. The 360-degree rotational steel spring allows full flexibility during impact, reducing damage if vehicle impacts occur. The post and base system allows for fast on-site installation.

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ZICLA Zebra® Zero Bicycle Lane Separator - effectively separate bicycle and vehicle lanes using the Zebra® Zero Bicycle Lane Separators. Each unit is made from 100% recycled plastic, with high resistance against damage and weathering on Irish streets. In addition, the 40% reflective marking coverage and retroreflective microspheres also provide excellent visibility day and night. Four fixing points allow for fast installation on all road surfaces.

ZICLA Zebra® Planter - Zebra® planters offer a dual purpose, creating excellent lane segregation while boosting colour and vibrancy in the area. The planters can be easily fixed into place via four fixing points and offer superb resistance against vehicle impacts. Each planter can hold up to 7 litres of water and allow for the easy creation of colourful street designs. Stack multiple units together to build higher planter designs.

ZICLA Zipper® System -The modular design of the Zipper® system allows for the easy creation of custom lane segregation setups. Each system uses mid-section and end-section pieces to create lane separators as long or as short as needed. They are made from 100% recycled materials with 50% coverage of reflective material for high visibility. The versatile design makes them perfect for roundabouts or curved areas.

XPT® Berlin Speed Cushion - each Berlin cushion comes in a 4-piece modular kit for easy installation within 2-3 hours. The UV-resistant rubber makes the speed cushions ideal for long-term use on Irish roads, creating a more durable and economic traffic calming option for your next project. The high quality 3M reflective tape boosts visibility, while the non-slip surface boosts grip and conforms to European SRT48 standards. The Berlin speed cushions are perfect where buses and emergency vehicles are concerned.

The Vectorial® System by ZICLA - the Vectorial® system offers a unique way of transforming urban space quickly to improve accessibility at bus stops. It can also solve the conflict between bus and cycle lanes by creating a ramp system that won't hinder a cyclist's route. Each system is custom-made to your requirements - the modules fit together to form the platform you need for your project. This makes it possible to design various configurations that adapt to different settings and surfaces. Use the Vectorial® system to create accessible bus stops, parklets, expanded shopfronts for traders and more.

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Benito Citizen Eco Recycled Chair and Park Bench - these recycled seats offer a maintenance-free design for life. The seats are made from a 100% recycled polymer design, with each board made from approximately 8kg of post-consumer plastic. As a result, the seats have excellent resistance against weathering - they will not chip, rot or crack while outdoors. All benches and chairs are delivered fully assembled for easy installation on your project.

Traditional Outdoor Notice Boards - the outdoor notice boards can create an excellent visual aid for pedestrians and patrons on public streets, ideal for travel timetables, local information, restaurant menus and more. Wear resistance hinges and tamper-proof locks help to create a safe and functional notice board for public spaces. Choose from a wide range of standard sizes, mounting options and colours to best suit your project. Call our sales team for more information on interior LED lighting and door designs.

Benito Olea Corten Steel Planter - corten steel offers a planter designed to last a lifetime. The modern-styled corten steel design makes them highly suited to Irish streets, and no painting or maintenance is needed over time. The free-standing format of the Olea planters also means no installation is necessary - set them in place and decorate them with plants and flowers as needed. 

Benito Eterna Litter Bin - having litter bins like the Eterna helps to encourage better litter disposal and keep Irish streets clean. The Eterna bins hold up to 80 litres of rubbish and include an internal bucket to dispose of the litter when full quickly. The solid HDPE design is resistant to impacts and vandalism and is highly suited for urban spaces. 

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