The Pittman® Warehouse Catalogue 2023

The Pittman® Warehouse Catalogue 2023 brings you everything you need to make your warehouse a safer work environment. See our full range of warehouse barriers, corner protectors, racking protection, hoop barriers and more. 

Click on the catalogue below to see the full warehouse safety range today.


Pittman Warehouse Range 2023


 Get fast quotes on the full warehouse range including - 

  • Slow Stop Protection Guards - all-steel energy absorbing guarding systems for the toughest environments
  • Impact protection foam profiles - see the full range of impact foam profiles for edges and surfaces, reduce the risk of employee head injuries
  • Portable barriers - highly mobile plastic and steel barriers for easy transport to and from sites
  • Anti-fatigue mats - boost grip and reduce employee fatigue in standing work areas. Options available for light, medium or heavy duty use.
  • Spill kits - get fast quotes on the full range of spill kits for oils, fuels and chemicals. Get fast delivery on wheelie bin spill kits, plant nappies and maintenance spill pads from stock.