Using EASI grass mats to reduce slips and falls

EASI grass matting is a cost-effective and long-lasting means of reducing slips on grass. The mats provide instant stability for pedestrians while walking in the area. Even in the harsh Irish weather, they are perfectly suitable for long-term use outdoors.


The EASI grass mats are BS EN1177:2008 certified, meaning they provide the correct grip and stability according to industry standards.

The rubber design will also offer an excellent grip on the ground, ensuring that the mats won’t slip out of

Additionally, grass mats may help provide a better duty of care to pedestrians. Using the mats may help to reduce visitor slips or falls while on site. The matting may reduce the risk of claims against management or business owners and protect pedestrians from dangerous falls.

In the case of public spaces, the mats may also help local councils to maintain areas much more straightforward. While in place, grass mats can protect the local ground and reduce grass and greenery damage from heavy footfall. The mats are ideal for frequently used spaces such as playgrounds or public parks. Reducing mudding will keep the area looking cleaner and preserves green spaces while in use.

In sports clubs, grass matting is also often used around team dugouts or pitch side areas to improve grip for those without sports footwear.

The Easi rubber grass matting
provides many other benefits.

• Raised studded underside - prevents the mat from slipping out of place on grass. It also helps the mat grip uneven surfaces.

• Open-holed design – the open holes allow for rainwater drainage, reducing the risk of water buildup on the surface. This open design also assists with greater pedestrian comfort and increases shock absorption rates.

• RAPRA tested – each mat has been fully RAPRA tested for critical fall heights up to 3.4 metres. This testing means that they have an excellent cushioning effect, where they can reduce the risk of injuries if falls do occur.

• Customisable – the EASI mats are easily cut on-site. They can be shaped as needed or cut to fit around existing furniture, playground equipment and more. Join multiple mats together with ease using standard cable ties or connectors.

• Protect grass from damage – grass matting can also help preserve grass, reduce lasting damage from pedestrian shoes, and maintain excellent green space standards. Reducing mudding can keep the area clean and minimise the effort and time needed to maintain the space.

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