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Corner Impact Protection GuardCorner Impact Protection Guard
SKU: 762163
Pittman® Corner Impact Protection Guard
Sale price€32.50ex VAT
Hi-Vis Cushioned Wall Protection
GHP Corner Protection GuardGHP Corner Protector
SKU: 719048
Pittman® GHP Corner Protector
Sale price€29.99ex VAT
10mm Thick Natural Rubber - Highly Reflective
Black Bull Pallet Racking Protectors with Guide RollersBlack Bull Pallet Racking Protectors with Guide Rollers
SKU: 763422
Black Bull Black Bull Pallet Racking Protectors with Guide Rollers
Sale priceFrom €192.00ex VAT
Deflects Impacts - Ideal for Ground Level Pallet Storage
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Lamp Post ProtectorLamp Post Protector
SKU: 899216
Pittman® Lamp Post Protector
Sale priceFrom €230.00ex VAT
Single-Piece Protection for Racking, Columns or Posts
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Here at Pittman we have a fantastic range of corner guards and corner protection systems that are made for the busiest of warehouses. Each of our corner guards helps to set your warehouse up with excellent protection against impact damage from the likes of vehicles, carts, trollies, forklifts and more.

How are corner guards installed?

Corner guards are installed in a variety of ways - some corner guards will be bolted into the ground at the affected area while there are corner guards that mount directly onto columns, pillars etc.

For example our Black Bull Steel Corner Protection Guard comes with 3 ground mounting plates that allow it to be bolted into the surface - the tri-leg design allows the unit to protect machines, pillars at a 90 degree angle.

Our Corner Impact Protection Guard on the otherhand is a plastic style corner protector that mounts directly to pillars and columns, protecting them directly against impact should it occur.

How strong are corner guards?

Corner guards are very strong and help to protect important assets from impact damage - they are utilised every day in the busiest of warehouses and protect the likes of machinery, infrastructure, pedestrian area and more. Our steel corner guards in particular offer excellent resistance against damage over time and have been popular in areas with frequent forklift activity.

If you require a heavy duty corner guard our Corner Protection Guards offer a high quality option - the 108mm wide steel frame offers heavy duty protection against impacts from vehicles.

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