Interior Convex Mirrors

Interior Convex Mirrors for Increased Indoor Safety

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Panoramic 90° Dome MirrorPanoramic 90° Dome Mirror
SKU: 758390
Moravia Panoramic 90° Dome Mirror
Sale priceFrom €56.95ex VAT
Perfect For Narrow Hallways, Gives Wider View
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Panoramic 180° Dome MirrorPanoramic 180° Dome Mirror
SKU: 758386
Moravia Panoramic 180° Dome Mirror
Sale priceFrom €113.50ex VAT
Provides Extra Safety And Supervisory Capabilities
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Panoramic dome mirror wide viewDome mirror hanging from ceiling
SKU: 758380
Moravia Panoramic 360° Dome Mirror
Sale priceFrom €231.95ex VAT
Indispensable Safety Aid In High Traffic Areas
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Cleanroom Stainless Steel Convex MirrorCleanroom Stainless Steel Convex Mirror
SKU: 896628
Pittman® Cleanroom Stainless Steel Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €724.00ex VAT
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Safety mirror in shop to deter theftSafety mirror at machinery to cover blind-spots
SKU: 758350
Moravia Detective-X Internal Mirror
Sale priceFrom €83.50ex VAT
Helps Reduce Incidents Of Theft
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Oval mirror in officeOval mirror giving bigger view of an office
SKU: 765339
Moravia Detective Internal Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €82.50ex VAT
Oval Design Suited To Smaller Areas
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Interior Safety Mirrors are used in lot of different applications: retail security, large facility public spaces, warehouses and production areas.

Large public buildings like hospitals tend to use convex mirrors to help eliminate blind spots at t-junctions or sharp bends where there is an increased risk of collision perhaps from patient trolleys or wheelchairs. A well-proven solution is our range of panoramic and domed mirrors like the Panoramic 180 degree dome mirror or as a budget option maybe the SeeClear Interior convex mirror which is just wall-mounted.

Interior convex mirrors are a well-trusted option for boosting retail security by helping to eliminate hidden areas behind aisles – allowing counter staff to see if there is any suspicious activity behind a shop stand. The Detective 330mm Observation Mirror or the Panoramic 90 Degree Dome mirror are very popular with store security managers – a simple low-tech yet effective solution to counteract shoplifting.

interior convex mirrors

Similar to road safety applications, the warehouse environment can be very busy with many hazards from internal traffic: forklifts, powered pallet trucks, trolleys and pedestrians mixing together. The View-Minder Convex Industrial mirror comes with traditional industrial trim - black and yellow surround to boost visibility which also adds to the hazard communication.

Convex mirrors are often used also in production areas to boost visibility e.g. to allow an operator see the other side of a machine to monitor the process – again a low-tech but highly effective solution – remember to choose the appropriate sized mirror. For food production areas we recommend our range of SeeClear Stainless Steel internal convex mirrors.

Remember PITTMAN™ have over 50 years experience serving industry so please do call us on 020 3773 5397 and allow our friendly expert sales team to help you choose the right convex mirror to boost your workplace safety and security.

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