Spill Kit Signs

Direct Employees to Spill Kit Locations and Instructions

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Spill Kit Located at Sign
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Pittman Ireland Spill Kit Located at Sign
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Emergency Spill Response Equipment Sign
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Pittman® Emergency Spill Response Equipment Sign
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Spill Kit Station Sign
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Pittman Ireland Spill Kit Station Sign
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Spill Kit Signs can direct employees to the nearest spill kit station. They can also provide clear instructions and advice for using the spill kits during spills. There are several signs that can be used in the workplace and they should be placed so that they can be well seen by employees.

Spill kit signage is ideallly installed on walls where they can be seen easily. Like the spill kits themselves there are specific signs for specific materials. The signs can help to disintinguish separate spillage kits from one another.

The most popular spill kit signs are -

Spill Kit Located At Sign

Spill Kit Station Sign

Spill Kit Oil Only Safety Sign

Emergency Oil Spill Kit Sign

Spill Kit Safety Poster


spill kit signs

Spill Kit Signage should be very clear and very easy to read. The signs should help employees locate the kits at a moments notice. This helps them to respond to spills as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The Spill Kit Located At signs can give specific directions to employees on where to locate what they need.

Choose from plastic materials for mounting directly onto doors or walls. Self adhesive vinyl signs may be useful for installing quickly onto cabinets or doors where kits are being stored.

Alongside signage, companies should also consider utilising barrier systems to deter entry to the spill area. Some barrier and bollard systems allow for custom signs to be placed on them, drawing attention to the nearby spill and warning employees away from entering.

spill kit signage

Combine the signage with spill kits to create full spill control solutions for your company. For full information on how the kits work see our below blog.