Standing Desk Mats

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Use standing desk mats to reduce employee fatigue and boost productivity. Reduce the risk of tiredness and sore muscles associated with long-term standing while boosting workplace grip and stability. Chosoe from a wide range with light to heavy duty designs available. Get fast quotes on standing desk mats - call us on 015312111 or email

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Standing Desk Mats
Posture Mat Classic™ Anti-Fatigue Mat Corner DetailPosture Mat Classic™ Anti-Fatigue Mat Retail Counter
SKU: 899688
Notrax Posture Mat Classic™ Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €48.50ex VAT
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Posture Mat™ 52x70cmPosture Mat Pro Standing Desk Mat
SKU: 724434
Notrax Posture Mat™ Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €48.50ex VAT
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HogHeaven Anti-Fatigue MatHogHeaven Anti-Fatigue Mat
SKU: 900582
Pittman® HogHeaven Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €115.00ex VAT
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Bubble Sof-Tred™ Anti-Fatigue Mat Black/YellowBubble Sof-Tred™ Anti-Fatigue Mat At Packing Station
SKU: 721754
Notrax Bubble Sof-Tred™ Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €31.50ex VAT
Ergonomic Bubble Design For Exceptional Comfort
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Airug Anti-Fatigue Mat Black And Yellow RollAirug Anti-Fatigue Mat In Use
SKU: 721562
Notrax Airug® Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €27.50ex VAT
Affordable Mat For Basic Worker Comfort
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Skywalker II PUR Anti-Fatigue MatSkywalker II PUR Anti-Fatigue Mat In Retail Shop
SKU: 721901
Notrax Skywalker® II PUR Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €87.50ex VAT
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Cushion Flex® Anti-Fatigue MatCushion Flex® Anti-Fatigue Mat
SKU: 725624
Notrax Cushion Flex® Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale price€335.00ex VAT
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Safety Stance™ Connector
SKU: 861171
Notrax Safety Stance™ Connector
Sale price€6.95ex VAT

Standing Desk Mats reduce employee fatigue when standing for long periods. The cushioning effect provides increased comfort to employees and reduces limb tiredness.

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If you find that you are standing in the same place at work for long periods of time you need a standing desk mat. Standing desk mats assist with providing fatigue relief to employees who may be standing still at a workstation for hours at a time. The mats reduce tiredness on core muscles and keep employees refreshed.

Standing desk mats have been proven to work quite well. The cushioning effect on feet reduces tiredness in employee legs and helps keep them motivated and refreshed for longer. Studies have also shown that these mats can help prevent many health concerns related to standing for long periods.

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The best mat, the Posture Mat Standing Desk Mat, utiilises a rubberised foam material in order to provide buoyancy and posture correction to those who are standing on the mat. The bounce in the material provides fatigue relief at the same time, lessening the effect of long-term standing on limbs during a normal workday.

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Can standing desk mats be used with high heel shoes?

Yes, our standing desk mats have been made to suit the most professional of environments and are ideal for office and commercial areas.

Our Posture Mat Pro Standing Desk Mat utilises an 18mm thick work platform that is easily used by employees in a workplace. The integral handle on the mat means that the mat can be lifted and moved with ease or even hung on a hook when not in use.

If you require something suited to a warehouse type packing area our HogHeaven Anti-Fatigue Matting is the perfect solution - the desk floor mat provides an excellent work platform for employees while the black and yellow chevrons provide an excellent design for warehouse type areas.