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FAST Delivery On Telescopic Bollards - Excellent Anti-Theft Measures

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Benito Automatic Bollard Ø 220mmBenito Automatic Bollard Ø 220mm
SKU: 713765
Benito Benito Automatic Bollard Ø 220mm
Benito Semi-Automatic Bollard Ø 114 / Ø 220mmBenito Semi-Automatic Bollard Ø 114 / Ø 220mm
SKU: 713769
Benito Benito Semi-Automatic Bollard Ø 114 / Ø 220mm

At Pittman we have a vast array of telescopic bollards that are suitable for many applications – ideal for the likes of driveway security and protecting your assets and deterring theft of your vehicles or premises. Telescopic bollards can be easily installed and provide excellent service for a long time, giving you the best defence against would be car thieves. When used outside a shop front they can also provide peace of mind when locking your car up at night.

How do telescopic bollards work?

Telescopic bollards come with a base that is installed below the main surface. When needed the bollard can be pulled up into position to provide protection to nearby assets or vehicles. In most cases telescopic bollards are fitted with a padlock to provide security when the bollard is in use. A perfect example is our BudgetBollard Heavy Duty Retractable Security Post. These telescopic posts can be easily installed into the ground where needed, providing instant security from the moment they are put to use. Made from tough zinc plated steel these bollards provide a hefty means of protecting assets and deterring theft where needed most. Each bollard comes with its own padlock and keys, allowing you to quickly lock the bollard into place.

The telescopic bollard comes with a handle on the top, allowing you to pull it up into position quickly and easily, making them extremely suitable for home use.

What kind of telescopic bollard would be suitable for shop security?

If you require something more robust for the likes of a shop or warehouse door we would recommend the BudgetBollard Anti Ram-Raid Retractable Security Post. Utilised in the same means as the previous bollard this unit is much heavier and much thicker and is suitable for using as a driveway post or as a deterrent against shop theft. These bollards have been installed in many kinds of places and are suited to the likes of warehouse roller doors, shopfronts with shutter systems and many more. Installing these bollards is a sure way to deter theft and protect priceless assets and stock.

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