Temporary Fencing

Fast Delivery on Heras Fencing and Site Fences in Ireland

Get fast nationwide delivery on temporary fences. Deter access onto open groundworks or provide better crowd control for events. High-quality design for long-lasting fencing for all project types and easy stacking for storage and transport. Call us on 01 531 2777 or email sales@pittman.ie.

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Temporary Fencing
Temporary Fencing - MaximusTemporary Fencing - Maximus
SKU: 862944
Pittman® Temporary Fencing - Maximus
Sale priceFrom €1.50ex VAT
Heras Fencing Suitable for All Outdoor Groundworks
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Eco 2.3m Crowd Control BarrierEco 2.3m Crowd Control Barrier
SKU: 862947
Pittman® Eco 2.3m Crowd Control Barrier
Sale price€69.50ex VAT
Crowd Pedestrian Barrier - UltimoCrowd Pedestrian Barrier - Ultimo
SKU: 862948
Pittman® Crowd Pedestrian Barrier - Ultimo
Sale price€129.50ex VAT
JSP Navigator® Safety BarrierJSP Navigator® Safety Barrier
SKU: 724577
JSP JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier
Sale priceFrom €69.00ex VAT
Our Best Selling Chapter 8 Barrier - Bulk Discounts
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JSP Alphabloc® Water Filled BarrierJSP Alphabloc® Water Filled Barrier
SKU: 899480
JSP JSP Alphabloc® Water Filled Barrier
Sale price€53.50ex VAT
Withstand Impact From Vehicles Up To 1 Tonne
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Terminal Expandable BarrierTerminal Expandable Barrier
SKU: 763656
Pittman® Terminal Expandable Barrier
Sale price€99.50ex VAT
For Indoor Use - Expands to 3.4m
JSP Dominator™ Traffic Cone 500mm
SKU: 759042
JSP JSP Dominator™ Traffic Cone 500mm
Sale priceFrom €13.90ex VAT
Stackable for Fast Road Deployment
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JSP Navigator™ Traffic Cone 750mmJSP Navigator™ Traffic Cone 750mm
SKU: 759041
JSP JSP Navigator™ Traffic Cone 750mm
Sale priceFrom €16.95ex VAT
Our Best-Selling Traffic Cone - Hundreds in Stock
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JSP Titan® Safety BarrierJSP Titan® Safety Barrier
SKU: 899479
JSP JSP Titan® Safety Barrier
JSP Titan® Expanding BarrierJSP Titan® Expanding Barrier
SKU: 899477
JSP JSP Titan® Expanding Barrier
Sale price€199.50ex VAT
High Stability - Suitable in Wind or on Rough Ground. Expands to 3.3m
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Ultra Expandable BarrierUltra Portable Barrier
SKU: 763657
Pittman® Ultra Portable Barrier
Sale price€159.50ex VAT
Water Fillable - Expands to 2.2m
Retractable Cone BarRetractable Cone Bar
SKU: 862212
Pittman® Retractable Cone Bar
Sale price€11.50ex VAT
Combine with Cones for Low-Cost Barrier Systems
JSP Dominator™ Traffic Cone 1000mmJSP Dominator™ Traffic Cone 1000mm
SKU: 759040
JSP JSP Dominator™ Traffic Cone 1000mm
Sale priceFrom €24.50ex VAT
Fully Compliant - Ideal for Road Maintenance
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Here at Pittman we have a fantastic range of temporary fencing and fence panels that are suitable for a variety of purposes and environments. With FAST delivery to site our temporary fences also come with unrivalled quality and can be installed on site quickly and easily.

What is temporary fencing used for?

Temporary fencing is used to close off areas from pedestrian access, ideally on building sites or at crowd events where access needs to be restricted or prevented entirely. Our temporary fencing allows for quick and easy closing off of an area - the most popular product in our range is the Temporary Fencing - Maximus. Each fence panel stands at 2000mm high and is ideal for deterring pedestrians from climbing over the, perfect for busy building sites. The fences are stood using the rubber blocks with each fencing panel requiring 2 blocks each. For high durability during use each temporary fence is made with hot-dip galvanised steel so that it will not rust or corrode outdoors.

temporary fences

For crowd events such as concerts our Crowd Barrier 2.3m Eco temporary fence can be installed quickly and easily and can be used to prevent entry or keep pedestrians at bay during an event. These high quality heras fences are ideal for running alongside pathways and can be joined end on end with great ease.

temporary fence

Another excellent option is our Ultimo safety fence - these high quality barriers can be installed using the metal feet or can be used with rubber blocks on site, whichever option suits the requirement in the environment they are being used in.


Choose from an excellent range of Heras Panels and Portable Fences - get the best prices when you buy online today.

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