Wall Buffer

Need help choosing the right product?

When it comes to wall protection and wall buffer products we have the best range here at Pittman, available from stock for fast delivery when needed most. Our wall buffer products are sure to assist you where you need to protect important assets from impact damage, especially in busy warehouse type environments where trollies, forklifts etc. are present and in constant use.

Why do I need a wall buffer?

Wall buffers can help to protect walls, pillars or columns from impact damage from the moment they are installed. Their tough, durable nature is sure to help prevent damage if impact does occur, protecting important infrastructure and assets in the area. Wall buffers in general will save money over time, especially if painting has to be done time and time again.

Our wall protection buffer is available in 4 different sizes and 3 colour choices, allowing you to choose a design and size that best fits your area.