voute shelters
voute shelters

Voute Shelters

Ireland's leading range of modular shelters for paystations, bikes and pedestrians. Choose Voute shelters for the ultimate in durability and reliability.

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  • Modular designs for quick and easy installation
  • Ultimate durability for public spaces
  • Fully customisable and tailored to your project
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Voute Bus Shelter

The Voute bus shelter can provide excellent cover for bus passengers. The shelters come in an easy-to-install flat-packed design, suitable for urban or rural bus routes. Combine the bus shelters with bus stop signage or notice boards to create more accessible bus routes in towns and cities.

Voute Paystation Shelter

The Voute paystation shelter provides cover for car park pay stations and pay points. The paystation shelters are suitable where there is no indoor pay station facility. Use the shelters to cover pedestrians and pay machines from weather, protecting the machines and allowing car park users to pay charges while sheltered.

Voute Shelters for Bike Storage

Voute shelters can provide an excellent means of protecting bicycles from theft and weather. The Voute Bike Shelter comes in a flat-packed design for easy self-installation on site. Pre-existing setups can be easily extended when needed. The 6mm anti-UV polycarbonate glazing helps to deflect overhead and provide shelter for bike owners. The adjustable feet allow for easier installation on uneven ground.

For increased bike security consider the Voute high security bike compound. These enclosed bike shelters come with lockable doors to protect against bike theft. The anti-intrusion roof deters would-be bike thieves while the integral locks are available in a euro-key or digilock format.

Voute Smoking Shelter

Provide better designated smoking spaces for outdoor areas. Smoking shelters protect smokers from harsh weather and ncourage better cigarette butt disposal. Combine Voute smoking shelters with seating to create a comfortable smoking area. Additional bins or ashtrays can also help keep the surrounding area clean and free of disposed cigarette butts.

Why choose Voute Shelters?

The streamlined design of the Voute range allows them to fit in with almost any urban or rural setting. They are ideal for towns, cities, villages and private or public premises.worn

  • Less disruptive to the area during installation – can be used immediately
  • Better visibility than most concrete or tarmac versions
  • Manufactured from recycled material

Each Voute shelter is made in a simple modular format. Extending your shelters or attaching new units is easy. A flat-packed design allows for quick install.

Each Voute shelter is constructed with galvanised steel. This gives them excellent resistance against rusting and corrosion outdoors. The additional polycarbonate sheeting and Securite glass designs also provide long-lasting shelter structures.

While Voute shelters are available in various standard colours they are also available in custom RAL designs, LED lighting and more. Contact our sales team for more information on custom setups and designs tailored to your next project.

The Voute range is also very compatible with the rest of the Procity range. Complement the shelter with a wide range of litter bins, outdoor notice boards, bus stop signs, outdoor seating and more.