4-Head Wall Bike Rack

Size: Straight Heads
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Zinc Plated Steel For Long Life

Delivery: Normally 2 - 3 Weeks

  • Available with straight heads or 45 degree angled heads
  • Zinc plated steel - excellent protection against rust
  • Easy installation - bolt to wall quickly
  • Steel tube - 16mm Ø diameter
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
Anti Rust
Bolt Down
Easy Installation
Professional Use
Anti-Theft Device

The 4-Head Wall Bike Rack offers exceptional bike storage, maximizing space in any indoor or outdoor area. Each rack includes 4 bike heads for secure locking, making it ideal for schools, business premises, and more.

The rack does not require floor mounting, freeing up more space around the installation area compared to ground-based units.

Constructed from zinc-plated steel, the rack provides excellent rust protection throughout its lifetime, even when used outdoors. You can choose between straight-mounted 90-degree angle heads or 45-degree angle heads, depending on what best suits your space.

Installation is simple, as the racks can be easily bolted directly to the wall. They are perfect for schools, businesses, and other locations needing reliable bike storage from day one.