Airug® Plus Anti-Fatigue Mat

Mat Size: 60cm x 91cm
Mat Colour: BLACK
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Increase Productivity at Indoor Workstations

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  • Ribbed pattern - slip resistance
  • Higher density of foam
  • Medium foot traffic
  • Microcellular bubbles - excellent fatigue relief
  • Slip resistance certification
  • Bevelled edges reduce the risk of tripping
  • 9.4mm thick
Medium Traffic

Product Specifications:

  • Microcellular vinyl
  • Overall thickness: 9.4mm
  • Weight: 2.8kg per meter squared
  • Slip resistance R10 according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181

The Airug® Plus Anti-Fatigue Mat is an exceptional, affordable solution tailored for individuals necessitated to stand for extended periods. Its 9.4mm thick microcellular vinyl, comprising numerous air bubbles, offers fundamental ergonomic support. Notably, its heightened foam density ensures superior comfort and support, surpassing the standard Airug®.

Featuring a ribbed surface, the Airug® Plus boosts traction, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls. Rigorously tested, it boasts slip resistance R10 compliant with DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181 standards. Moreover, all sides of the mat are bevelled and sealed to minimize any potential tripping hazards.

Ideal for indoor use in dry environments with light foot traffic, the Airug® Plus is a reliable addition to your workplace.

Recommended use for the Airug® Plus Anti-Fatigue Mat:

Suitable for medium duty conditions

For placement in manufacturing plants, assembly lines, picking, packing, and logistics warehouses, individual workstations.

Cleaning tip:

Sweep regularly or dry mop the surface and the back of the mat. The surface can be damp-mopped with a mild soap/detergent.