Aluminium Modular Cupboard Trolley

Style Price Quantity
900 x 635 x 1167mm (862273)
€2,355.00ex VAT
€2,896.65inc VAT
465 x 635 x 1167mm (862400)
€1,768.00ex VAT
€2,174.64inc VAT
1330 x 635 x 1167mm (862401)
€2,798.00ex VAT
€3,441.54inc VAT
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The Aluminium Modular Cupboard Trolley can transport several ISO baskets at once and can be used in many different environments

  • Doors rotate up to 270 degrees
  • Magnets on ends hold doors open for easy access
  • Easy to use cylindrical twist lock
  • Door seals keep dirt and moisture out
  • Seamless design - easy to clean
  • Handles on both ends
  • Blue bumpers help to protect during impact
  • Removable shelves and runners

The Aluminium Modular Cupboard Trolley is a perfect addition to many professional environments and provides a quick and easy means of transporting key items.  Each trolley is fitted with modular sections that allow for the insertion of ISO baskets, ideal for carrying small amounts of equipment or stationery at a time.  Because the modular sections allow for individual baskets to be inserted it means you can organise the contents with ease.

Each trolley is fitted with blue bumpers at the top and bottom to ensure that damage from impact is minimal.  With both doors fitted with magnets it makes it very easy to access items while the doors remain open while in use.

Each trolley is also fitted with 4 castors, 2 of which are swivelling castors that allow for excellent movement around bends and corners at all times. With the added handles on both ends the trolley can be easily moved around, even with a full load.

Because these modular cupboard trollies are made from the best aluminium they are perfect for many types of professional environments includings schools, hospitals, restaurants and cleaning services.  With the anodised aluminium the surface of the trolley will remain scratch free at all times, while also repelling dirt and dust.  This also makes the trollies very easy to keep cleans and makes them perfect for using in a sterile environment such as a clinic or hospital.