Anti-Slip Tape Surface Primer

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Primes Surace for Better Anti Slip Tape Install

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  • 500ml tin
  • Covers approximately 5m² per tin
  • Increases tape and ground bonding
  • Easy to apply via paint brush
  • Boosts anti slip tape longevity
Professional Use
Heavy Duty
Easy Installation

Product Specifications:

  • Litres: 5L
  • Colour: Gold-brown
  • Evaporation rate: Fast

The Anti Slip Tape Floor Primer is the perfect product to make sure your floor is ready to stick tape to it. The liquid fills in any small holes in the surface, allowing the entire adhesive side to stick to the ground for the best possible bond. It’s simple to apply by with a paintbrush, and the surface is ready for application immediately. It’s great for materials like wood and concrete, which can have holes all over the surface which aren’t visible to the naked eye.

The additional bond means you will have a much longer life with your anti-slip tape. The floor primer reduces the risk of the tape coming up, which will not only mean it will be ineffective, but it will become a trip hazard.

  • Ideal for stairways and other ledges where a permanent bond is essential
  • Ensures the longest possible bond between the surface and the anti-slip tape
  • Great for materials that are difficult to bond to, such as wood, stone and concrete

The surface primer is an excellent product, but it can also be hazardous if not used properly. Be sure to read our Safety Sheet before using the floor prime to make your as safe as possible. Once used properly, the Anti Slip Tape Floor Primer is an excellent safety addition to any factory, warehouse or home. It gives you an excellent bond which makes the ant slip tape tough enough for industrial environments.