Anti-Stat POP Work Surface Mat

Mat Size: 60cm x linm
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Provide Safe Static Dissipation For Users

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  • Static dissipative work surface
  • Protects employees and electrical equipment
  • Dissipates static from conductive items placed on it
  • Protects tables, prevents static shocks
  • Abrasion resistant, easy to clean
  • Widely used in environments of electrostatic sensitive components
Professional Use
High Visibility

Excellent Antistatic Worktop Surface for protection against damaging static shocks. Vinyl work surface that dissipates static from conductive items placed on it. Protects table and keeps sensitive components safe from damaging static shocks. Smooth top surface that is abrasion resistant and easy to wipe clean with recommended art. 057. Optional 10 mm female socket attached to the mat for connection with recommended common grounding point cord art. 052.

  • Meets EOS/ESD-S4, measured resistance for work surfaces Rg 107 and Rp 108 Ω.
  • Electrostatic charge (walking test), meets ISO6356 and EN1815.
  • Free of toxic DOP and DMF.