Armorgard FlamBank™

Option: FB1 Van Box: 995(w)x540(d)x485(h)mm
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Protect Flammable Material From Damage

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  • Steel plate design
  • Powder-coated finish
  • 30 minute fire resistant
  • Tested sump base to prevent leakage
  • Ventilation on sides to prevent buildup of fumes
  • Flame arrester gauze on ventilation
  • Fitted with 5-lever deadlocks on each side
  • Hazard warning signs as standard
  • Strong gas struts and safety catch
Professional Use
High Visibility
Heavy Duty
Anti Rust


The Armorgard FlamBank™ chemical storage box provides excellent protection and transportation for flammable goods and materials. The FlamBank™ is made with the best quality steel, providing excellent protection to goods at all times. The box can contain a fire for up to 30 minutes. 

The site chest versions of the storage box come with internal shelving to allow for easy stacking of materials when needed. Each storage box is fitted with 5-lever deadlocks on each side for security. When it comes to ventilation for flammable goods each box is fitted with ventilation on each side to help prevent the buildup of fumes.

The box is equipped with strong gas struts and a safety catch, allowing for easy access and handling of materials at all times. The handles on the side allow for movement of the box if required while in use. 

Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Weight
995(w) x 540(d) x 485(h)mm 840(w) x 400(d) x 470(h)mm 46kg
780(w) x 630(d) x 675(h)mm 625(w) x 630(d) x 575(h)mm 40g
1295(w) x 630(d) x 675(h)mm 1140(w) x 610(d) x 575(h)mm 85kg
780(w) x 630(d) x 1280(h)mm 625(w) x 575(d) x 1185(h)mm 107g
1280(w) x 630(d) x 1280(h)mm 1130(w) x 550(d) x 1185(h)mm 153g
1600(w) x 630(d) x 1280(h)mm 1450(w) x 550(d) x 1185(h)mm 174g
FBC8 2375(w) x 985(d) x 1230(h)mm 2285(w) x 985(d) x 1125(h)mm 250kg