Armorgard Safestor™

Option: HFC1: 900(w) x 480(d) x 700(h)mm - 1 Shelf
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Store Hazardous Substances With Greater Care

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  • 0.9mm steel design
  • Galvanised shelves
  • Flush handles
  • 2-point locking system
  • Powder-coated yellow for increased visibility
  • Liquid-tight sump to contain the chemical spill
  • 30-minute fire resistance
Professional Use
Home Use
High Visibility

The Armorgard Safestor™ hazardous substance cabinet helps to protect and store chemicals. The cabinet can easily store several chemicals at once and helps reduce damage from flammable or corrosive materials. Each cabinet is made from highly durable steel and will provide years of excellent chemical storage.

The cabinet includes galvanised steel shelves to hold chemicals. The bottom of each unit includes a liquid-tight sump in the instance that spills occur, helping to collect the spill and reducing spread elsewhere. 

The 2-point locking system allows for a double-door design that protects the interior contents from damage. Once closed over the cabinet can be easily locked to deter unwanted entry into the cabinet. 

The Safetstor cabinets are also fire resistant up to 30-minutes. This helps to keep fires controlled in the instance they happen until help can arrive or fires can be extinguished.

Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Weight
900(w) x 480(d) x 700(h)mm 890(w) x 390(d) x 640(h)mm 21kg
350(w) x 330(d) x 700(h)mm 340(w) x 240(d) x 640(h)mm 15kg
900(w) x 480(d) x 900(h)mm 890(w) x 390(d) x 840(h)mm 46kg
450(w) x 480(d) x 900(h)mm 440(w) x 390(d) x 900(h)mm 24kg
900(w) x 480(d) x 1200(h)mm 890(w) x 390(d) x 1200(h)mm 51kg
1200(w) x 480(d) x 1800(h)mm 1190(w) x 390(d) x 1740(h)mm 85kg
HFC7 900(w) x 480(d) x 1800(h)mm 890(w) x 390(d) x 1740(h)mm 78kg
HMC1 900(w) x 480(d) x 810(h)mm 890(w) x 390(d) x 640(h)mm 26kg
HMC2 900(w) x 480(d) x 1010(h)mm 890(w) x 390(d) x 840(h)mm 33kg