Armorgard TransBank Chem™

Option: TRB1C: 435(w)x400(d)x375(h)mm
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Safe Vault For Chemical Storage

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  • 1.2mm steel design
  • Ventilation - prevents fume build-up
  • Fire resistant up to 30 minutes
  • Bright yellow powder coated finish
  • Sump base for leak prevention
  • Includes relevant hazard and warning stickers
  • Integral fixing points for permanent fixing if required
  • Handles for easy carrying if required
  • Ideal for vehicles or on site
  • Centre catch padlock locking (padlock not included)
Professional Use
High Visibility
Bolt Down

The TransBank Chem™ storage box is specially designed to store and transport hazardous and flammable chemicals with excellent security and protection. Each storage box can be used to protect these chemicals whether you have to permanently bolt the storage box into place or if you have to transport the box by hand.

The Transbank Storage Box is made from tough, durable steel and provides excellent protection to goods while they are inside.  When it comes to flammable goods the storage box is fire-resistant for up to 30 minutes, allowing for extinguishing if needed.

The storage box is fitted with ventilation slots on the sides to prevent the buildup of fumes in the instance that a fire does actually occur. When locking the box the main catch can be closed down and locked in place using a standard padlock (padlock not included).

The sump base of the box allows for liquid to be collected if leaks occur and assists with preventing leaks to the outside, providing you with a tough, reliable storage box whe needed most.

Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Weight
435(w) x 400(d) x 375(h)mm 320(w) x 315(d) x 335(h)mm 13kg
TRB2C 530(w) x 530(d) x 545(h)mm 420(w) x 390(d) x 505(h)mm 20kg
880(w) x 480(d) x 545(h)mm 770(w) x 390(d) x 505(h)mm 28kg