Array Grass Matting

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Ideal For Permanent or Temporary Use

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Weeks

  • Highly durable rubber - ideal for outdoor use
  • Anti-slip surface - perfect in extremely wet conditions
  • Excellent drainage - keeps the surface clear
  • Cushioning design - excellent anti-fatigue properties
  • Easy installation
  • Cut to size on site
  • Custom rolls lengths available on special order
Easy Installation

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 10m
  • Width: 183cm
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Material: rubber

The Array Grass Matting can be deployed to site quickly and easily and provides an excellent means of protecting grass and other surfaces while providing great grip and stability for pedestrians passing over the mat. The grass mats can be installed in seconds on site and allow for excellent drainage in a wet area.

Each mat is made from highly durable natural rubber and are highly suited to outdoor environments. The gripped surface provides excellent stability for pedestrians as they are passing over the mat, even in extremely wet conditions. They are perfect for the likes of outdoor events and garden environments.

The flat cushioned surface also provides excellent anti-fatigue properties when in use - it provides excellent foot support for pedestrians and reduces strains in their feet over time, ideal for outdoor events or walkways.

The drainage holes in the matting also allow the surface to remain clear should they be used in extremely wet conditions - ideal in heavy rain or wet environments.