Barrier Tape Stands 1200mm

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Very effiecient barrier tape stand that can be deployed immediately for temporary or permanent use.  

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Equipped with a forged steel pointed tip
  • Ideal for demarcating out of bounds areas
  • Highly visible - noticeable to all pedestrians
  • Combine with barrier tape instantly
  • Perfect for outdoor events
Anti Rust
Easy Installation
High Visibility

The 1200mm barrier tape stands are ideal for use in a number of situations and allow for immediate deployment in most areas.  The forged steel tip of these barrier tape stands allow them to be placed directly into the ground or in grass to warn pedestrians or drivers of unauthorised entry or an emergency situation.  The barrier tape stands can be combined with most kinds of barrier tape and ensure that pedestrians are aware of their presence.

The forged steel tip of the stands allows them to be placed directly into the ground in most areas, allowing for quick and easy installation.

  • The 1200mm height of these tape stands make them perfect for helping to catch the attention of passers by, detering entry into unsafe or forbidden areas.
  • Made from very durable steel, these barrier tape stands are sure to last in use for a long time
  • The top section of the stand allows for multiple attachements of barrier tape at a time, ensuring the customer can attach as much tape as they for a given area
  • These type of barrier tape stands are ideal for using at outdoor events where there may be a need to cordon off particular areas to stop unauthorised entry
  • Very strong and will help send a clear message to passers by

The barrier tape stands are perfect for use in  a variety of areas and are great for permanent or temporary use. Order today from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment.


  • Height - 1200mm
  • Diameter -  4mm
  • Weight - 1.6kg
  • Material - Steel
  • Finish - Red lacquer