Bull Bike Hanger

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Adjustable Ground-Saving Bike Storage

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  • 260(H) x 320mm min/900mm max-width
  • Full steel design - long-lasting bike storage
  • Galvanised - protected against rusting
  • Bolt to walls for easy installation
  • 2no. adjustable hooks to suit different bikes
  • Pull hooks out to desired width (max 900mm)
  • Lock bikes in place via integral "bull-ring"
Anti Rust
Bolt Down
Easy Installation

The Bull Bike Hanger provides an excellent means for storing single bikes at once and saving valuable space. By storing bikes up high on walls it can reduce trip hazards and reduce ground space being taken up by bikes. This kind of bike hanger is ideal for indoor bike storage facilities like apartment blocks, schools and more. 

Each bike hanger is made from galvanised steel and is resistant to rusting during use. The design allows the bike hanger to be bolted to walls with great ease. Store single bikes by lifting them into place easily.

The adjustable hooks can be pulled out to suit different bike sizes. These hooks range from a minimum width of 320mm to a maximum of 900mm. This allows them to cater to various bikes and models. The integral "bull-ring" means that bikes can also be locked in place to reduce the risk of theft.