Caution Farm Machinery/Animals Farm Safety Sign

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  • A highly distinct black and yellow farm safety sign that cautions employees/the public to farm machinery and farm animals that are being kept in the area.
  • This 600mm x 400mm sign is made from tough Dibond, which is as strong as aluminium yet much lighter
  • Can last up to 5 years in use

With a high visibility and large text, the Caution farm machinery/animals sign lets everyone, know that the surrounding farm area is occupied by animals or dangerous farm machinery.  It is important for farm owners to highlight these particular areas to employees or to the public to ensure injury does not occur.

  • The black writing combined on the clear bright yellow sign highlights a clear and obvious warning to passers by.  The yellow sign catches the eye and the message itself is highly visible and can be read from a safe distance.
  • This farm safety sign is made from Dibond, a material that is indeed as strong as aluminium but boasts the fact that it is much lighter.  This makes it ideal to use as signage to put on a wall
  • Even though the sign is very light it is, however, quite durable.  The sign will withstand most weathering and outdoor conditions and can remain in place for at least 5 years.
  • The sign is 600mm x 400mm; an ideal size for catching the attention of employees.
  • Where one side of the sign highlights that the reader of the sign must have caution due to harmful machinery in the vicinity, the other highlights how they must have caution with farm animals that are being kept in the area.

Farm safety signs such as this are highly important in terms of health and safety on a farm.  It is the duty of the farm owners to highlight areas of potential danger to employees as well as the public to ensure that accidents do not happen on their premises by putting up such warnings.