Children at Play Safety Sign

Style Price Quantity
Aluminium (incl. clips for 76mm pole) (815728)
€59.50ex VAT
€73.19inc VAT
Corriboard (temp. <1 year) (815659)
€19.50ex VAT
€23.99inc VAT
Dibond (wall/fence mount) (815690)
€39.50ex VAT
€48.59inc VAT
Encourage Safer Driving in Housing Estates

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  • Available in Corriboard, Dibond or Aluminium
  • Aluminium includes fixings for pole mount
  • Comes in an easy to see 600 x 600mm size
  • Very clear and concise lettering
  • Provides a quick and easy to read message
  • Suitable for housing estates, roadways and more
Anti Rust
Easy Installation
High Visibility

Providing safety for children that may be out playing is of the utmost importance regarding housing estates and residential areas, especially where vehicle traffic may be passing through constantly. The Caution Children At Play safety sign is an essential product for when you want to warn these motorists that children may be out in the open, urging them to reduce their speed and be fully alert while they are passing through.

The large 600 x 600mm size of the sign aims to ensure that every passing motorist is aware that children may be at play in the area, helping to reduce the risk of accidents occurring at any stage.

Key features of the children at play sign

• Available in Corriboard, Dibond or Aluminium (Reflective) for pole mount

• The Corriboard format is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent use where it can last for up to a year while outdoors and can be installed by nailing into a wall or hung with cable ties

• The Dibond format, however, combines thin aluminium sheets with a hardened polyethylene core, providing use for 3- 5 years while outdoors and a lifetime if used indoors. The Dibond safety sign can be nailed or bolted into a wall with great ease

• The Aluminium Reflective format Children at Play sign is designed so that they can be installed directly onto most standard 76mm poles, with channels and clips provided to do so. The main surface is made with engineering-grade reflective and will almost certainly alert any nearby motorist to its presence

• The clear and concise black-on-white "Caution Children at Play" lettering can be easily seen at all times

These Children at Play signs are perfect for use in most kinds of residential areas and will provide excellent aid in attempting to slow drivers down. Order today from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment for the best in safety signs.