Complete Speed Cushion Kit 1800 x 2000mm

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Slow Vehicle Traffic in Urban Settings

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The Complete Speed Cushion Kit provides an excellent means of slowing down vehicles - suitable for public roads where trucks or cars may be in use.

  • 2000(L) x 1800(W) x 63(H)mm
  • Suitable for use with buses, trucks and HGVs
  • Slows traffic to approximately 30km/h / 20mph
  • Ideal for use on many road types
  • Modular design - easy installation on site
  • All fixings included
  • Reflective white markings - highly visible at all times
Bolts included
Easy Installation
Heavy Duty
High Visibility

The Complete Speed Cushion kit is the ideal speed hump for areas with a large amount of buses and trucks. The wheels of buses will only make contact with the lower edges of the speed hump, making sure passengers are comfortable while driving over them. This makes the cushion kit ideal for playschools and schools, drop-off areas, industrial estates, nursing homes and many other kinds of places.

The Complete Speed Cushion Kit is particularly affect in 30mph zones where it can reduce the speed of traffic to 20mph. They can come in either black or red, giving you a choice to increase visibility to warn the motorist to slow down. Pittman also supplies a large range of traffic signs which allows you to display warnings about the presence of the road hump. The speed cushion should be used on straight roads, ideally where they will be seen on the approach up to the traffic calming system in place. Given the length of the speed cushion, it can last a lot longer under pressure from HGV’s which can weigh up to 40 tonnes

The Complete Speed Cushion Kit is 650mm high, 1800 in length and 2000mm in depth, and is made from recycled tyres. The road hump has a divided centre plateau, so therefore it will not affect drainage. Each Speed Cushion comes with fittings included.  If you have any more questions about any of the speed cushions or speed bumps please contact us at any time.


Height: 650mm
Length: 1800mm
Depth: 2000mm
Material: Recycled Tyres