EZ Street Cold Asphalt 1 Ton Bag Pothole Repair

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Permanent Repair for Potholes

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The EZ Street Cold Asphalt 1 Ton Bag is the perfect solution for repairing potholes and damaged areas on roads, in car parks etc. - fast acting - ready to use instantly

  • Ready to use straight from the bag
  • New advanced polymer technology
  • Permanent repair solution
  • Instantly ready for all traffic
  • No need for mixing
  • Ideal for both commercial and residential use

Note: In warm weather it may take longer for EZ Street to set (>20°)

Easy Installation
Professional Use
Home Use
Heavy Duty

The Pothole Repair Asphalt is the simple solution to the potholes littered throughout Irish roads. Our asphalt solution is a permanent solution to potholes, giving you the best option for road maintenance. It can be used in all weather conditions, from winter rain to scorching heat. Simply sweep the pothole clean and pour the asphalt in and you have your road repaired. Any water that is lying in the hole does not need to be emptied, as the asphalt will simply displace it.  

EZ Street pothole repair is easy to use and can be used straight from the bag without any mixing.  The solution itself will also last up to a year in the bag, but should be kept covered and protected at all times. The EZ Street pothole repair can be used on a number of surfaces including concrete, tarmac or brick, ensuring that you get a product that is suitable for a number of areas.  With the solution already being mixed EZ street also required very few tools to apply it to the ground. What's more, you shouldn't need to keep applying the product as it's perfect as a permanent solution to repairing potholes.

The 1 tonne bag is ideal for bigger road maintenance jobs, allowing you to cover numerous potholes or deeper trenches. Once the asphalt is compressed you can drive over it straight away, so there is no need to wait for it to settle.  When it is applied the EZ Street Cold Asphalt should last permanently and allows business or home owners to take advantage of a very effective and cost-friendly solution.

If you're not actually sure how much asphalt you need for your area you can use our calculator here.