Fishbourne Steel Planter

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Modern Styled Planter with Rust Protection

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  • 880(L) x 880(W) x 680(H)mm
  • 76mm diameter vertical posts
  • Sides made with durable steel
  • Bottom plate is hot-dip galvanised - reduces rusting
  • One-piece design for easy installation
  • Ball top design provides a modern styled planter
  • Powder coated - maintains excellent colour over time
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use
1 Year Warranty
Anti Rust

The Fishbourne Steel Planter provides an excellent means of decorating public spaces. The planters can be installed into an area to boost colour and vibrancy where needed. They are ideal for public settings like towns, cities and more.

Each planter is made from a high-quality steel. The sides are made with light yet durable sheet steel. The bottom plate is made from a hot-dip galvanised steel design, ideal for repelling rust.

The one-piece design means that it is very easy to install the planters. Simply insert into place and fill with the desired flowers or plants. The ball top on the 76mm diameter posts provides a modern style suited to most towns or cities.