Flexbrite Ground Spike

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Boost Stability for Flexbrite® Bollard Installations

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The Flexbrite Ground Spike is an excellent addition to our Flexbrite Flexible Bollard range and can help to provide extra stability to the bollards when concreted into an area

  • 300(h) x 30(w)mm
  • Base plate: 250mm diameter
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel - won't rust
  • For concreting into the ground
  • Flexbrites install onto surface plate
  • Extra durability for Flexbrite bollards
  • Ideal for permanent installations
Concrete In
Easy Installation
Hot-Dip Galvanised

The Flexbrite Ground Spike is an excellent addition to the Flexbrite Flexible Bollards range and provides a method of reinforcing the bollards.  The main point on the ground spike should be inserted under the ground, whether on a grass verge, concrete or tarmac surface.

Once in the ground the ground spike can be concreted into place, leaving the surface plate flush with the ground so that the bollard can be installed here. Using our regular flexbrite 110mm coach screws and rawlplugs you can then fasten the bollard into place easily, providing instant benefits for the area.

These steel ground spikes are suitable for use with any of our 1 metre Flexbrite bollards and our 750mm high bollard. The spike is made from tough hot-dip galvanised steel and will provide excellent service for a long time, having excellent protection against rusting and corrosion while in use.