Aluminium Transport Trolley - Anodised

700 x 550 x 600 - D Castor Arrangement (862340)
1250 x 700 x 600 - A Castor Arrangement (862341)
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The Anodised Aluminium Transport Trolley is ideal for moving heavy goods from one place to another with great ease

  • Anodised aluminium - extreme resistance to corrosion
  • Available in 2 sizes with different castor arrangements
  • Quick and easy to move around
  • Heavy load capacity - ideal for multiple environments
  • Professional, high quality finish
  • Fitted with brakes on swivelling castors



A Castor - one front and one back swivelling castor

D Castor -  Four swivelling castors



One of the best looking aluminium transport trollies in the Pittman range, the anodisied aluminium transport trollley combines both a professional look for your warehouse while also providing a highly reliable trolley that is ideal for many kinds of environments. 

The high grade aluminium used in this trolley is anodised - this means that the aluminum has undergone an electrochemical process which not only results in the smooth, professional finish but also produces a heavily corrosion resistant surface, making them perfect for the toughest of environments.

Available in two sizes each aluminium transport trolley can cater for different maximum load capacities, making them efficient to use in environments such as laundry facilities, hospitals, warehouses and pharmaceutical plants.

Also fitted with castor wheels each trolley can be moved around with ease and provides a quick and easy method of transporting the heaviest of goods.

The anodised aluminium transport trolley is just one of many great products in the transport trolley and aluminium transport box range.  For more information call us on 01 531 2777