Heronrib Swimming Pool Mat

Mat Size: 50cm x 10 metres
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Flexible PVC with Anti-Fungal Additives

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Weeks

  • 10.5mm thickness
  • Available in 5 high quality colours
  • Comes in easy to install 10 metre roll
  • 4 way drainage - no buildup of liquids on surface
  • UV resistant - ideal for outdoor use
  • Easy to cut - customise on site
  • Flexible PVC - contours to many area types
  • Certified slip resistance DIN51097:C
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The Heronrib Swimming Pool Mat provides excellent slip and fall resistance for swimming pool or changing room style areas. Each mat comes in a handy 10 metre roll for easy self install on site, with a flexible PVC design that allows it to contour to uneven ground. 

Each mat is highly durable and is UV resistant, ideal for using in outdoor environments. The gripped surface helps pedestrians to grip to the floor and reduces the risk of slips and falls while in place.

The anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives also help to reduce the buildup of nasty bacteria and reduce it's spread in an enviroment where pedestrians will be barefoot - stop athletes foot and other known infections from spreading in your area.

The easy to cut design of the mat allows you to customise it for your area, suitable for areas that may have pre-installed benches, rails and more. The handy 10 metre rolls can be customised with a sharp blade on site and the light material means fast installation. 

Choose from 5 excellent colours that will help you to match pre-existing colour schemes or personal preferences.