Number Stencil Set - Polycarbonate

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Easily Paint Numbers on Concrete or Tarmac

Delivery 3 - 4 Weeks From Order

  • 200 x 300mm numbers
  • Made from tough polycarbonate - long-lasting
  • Each set contains one of each number
  • Can be re-used again and again
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use

The Number Stencil Kit provides a quick and easy means of deploying numbers on the ground, great for car parks, school grounds or similar areas when it comes to traffic and area management.

Each kit contains one of each number from 1-9 and can be re-used again when required.  The stencils are perfect for using with different kinds of aerosols and paints and allow for easy painting.

The polycarbonate design makes them ideal for re-using when requried and they are perfect for keeping in a works vehicle so that you don't forget them for an important job.