Outdoor Step Anti Slip Kit

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Full Kit for Reducing Slips and Falls

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  • Full kit for reducing slips and falls on site
  • Includes primers, edge fix, IPA cleaner and tape
  • Surface Primer - covers holes to create a better bond
  • Edge fix - Prevents the tape from lifting
  • IPA cleaner - cleans the surface to reduce residue
  • Anti-Slip Tape - boosts grip to reduce risk of slips and falls

    Easy Installation
    High Visibility
    Professional Use

    The Outdoor Step Anti Slip Kit is great for ensuring your anti-slip tape bonds correctly to the surface. Dirt and other contaminants can make the ground greasy, meaning you cannot attach the tape properly. This handy kit allows you to attach the tape for as long as possible, minimising wear & tear and the number of trip hazards on your premises.

    The Surface Primer is a great way to close holes on the surface where you will be putting the tape. This means the complete strip of anti-slip tape will bond with the ground, meaning all the adhesive backing will connect with the ground. It’s ideal for wood, concrete and stone applications.

    The Edge Fixings seal the sides of the tape to the ground, with the tight nozzle giving you an easy application. This stops the sides slowly peeling up, giving you an extra-long lifetime with the anti-slip tape. It also minimises the risk of tripping over the tape if it does start to peel.

    The IPA Cleaner lets you clean the surface where you want to place the anti-slip tape without leaving any grease or residue you would get with other cleaners. This lets the tape bond correctly to the ground, giving you the maximum chance of bonding the tape to the ground and getting long-term benefits.

    The 2 rolls of Anti Slip Tape come with our kit, giving you 36 Metres of tape. These rolls are easy to apply and can be cut in sections so you can cover numerous areas. You can choose pure Black or Black & Yellow tape with our kit, allowing you to choose an unobtrusive or highly visible safety feature.

    Product Specifications

    • Surface Primer: 1 Litre (enough for 5m²)

    • Edge Fix: 140ml tube (enough for 35 linear metres)

    • PA Cleaner: 1 litre (very little amount required)

    • Anti Slip Tape: 36.6 Metres