Parking Notice Enclosed Sticker

Style Price Quantity
Parking Notice Enclosed (Pack of 1000) (753090)
€99.50ex VAT
€122.39inc VAT
Parking Notice Enclosed (Pack of 200) (753705)
€39.50ex VAT
€48.59inc VAT
Weather Resistant Parking Notice Holder

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Days

  • Available in handy packs of 200 or bulk packs of 1000
  • Easy to apply to windscreen, comes off when needed easily
  • Outside dimensions: 120 x 110mm
  • Holds contents: 100 x 90mm
Same Day Dispatch

Used to attach your documentation to offending cars. The Parking Notice Sticker will keep these documents dry and away from the weather that may remove or damage them traditionally. The Parking Notice Sticker is perfect in that it will not give the offending driver the chance to say that they did not receive the documents/notice.

The Parking Notice Sticker is incredibly durable and will stick to all surfaces. It is tough to remove yet not incredibly sticky. The Parking Notice Sticker allows you to place the documents inside the sticker pouch and use the top seal to secure it inside.