Parkis City Bicycle Lift

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Zero Maintenance Bike Lifts for Public Spaces

Delivery: Normally 2 - 3 Weeks

  • 1704(H) x 358(D) x 197(W)mm
  • Easy to use clamp and lift design
  • No electricity required - self-lifting internal spring
  • Reduces need for manual lifting into racks
  • Integral locking hoop - suitable for public spaces
  • Full galvanised steel and aluminium
  • Can save up to 40% ground space
  • Suitable for e-bike storage
  • Max weight 30kg; max tire width 61mm
  • Quick install - bolts included with order
  • Can be installed in 5 - 10 minutes per unit
  • Bike locks not included - order separately
Easy Installation
Bolts included
Bolt Down
Anti-Theft Device
Anti Rust


The Parkis City Bicycle Lift is a vertical bicycle storage solution designed to provide easier bike storage, especially in public spaces. This lift allows users to store their bicycles vertically with minimal effort, making it an ideal option for urban environments. With its integral bike hoop, the Parkis City Bicycle Lift offers added security by enabling users to lock their bicycles in place.

How the Parkis bike lift works

The Parkis City Bicycle Lift features a straightforward and efficient use. To use the bicycle lift align the front wheel of the bicycle with the lower guide rail of the lift. To activate the spring mechanism push the bicycle forward to engage the internal spring. Once the mechanism is engaged the lift automatically raises the bicycle into a vertical position, securing it without requiring the user to lift the bike manually.

Use the integrated bike hoop to lock the bicycle securely, providing an additional layer of protection against theft.

Benefits of the City Bicycle Lift

  • Easy to use: The automatic lifting mechanism eliminates the need for manual lifting, reducing physical strain and making it highly acccessible to bike users
  • Space saving: Vertical storage like this can save plenty of ground space, with up to 40% space saving in some cases
  • Enhanced Security: The integrated bike hoop allows users to lock their bicycles securely, offering increased protection in public spaces
  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials, the Parkis City Bicycle Lift is designed to withstand regular use in public settings, with zero maintenance required while in use