Police Crowd Control Barriers

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Set of 10 (822247)
€3,125.00ex VAT
€3,843.75inc VAT
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The Police Crowd Control Barriers provide an excellent means of crowd management - the sturdy design makes them perfect for heavy duty use and are fully galvanised

  • 2100(L) x 1050(H) x 1000(D) mm
  • 33.7mm Ø tube - robust design
  • Comes in a set of 10 barriers
  • Includes pallet frame - easy transport or storage
  • Hot-dip galvanised - will not rust
  • Connection hooks - join together easily
  • Hinged foot platform - excellent grip and stability

The Police Crowd Control Barriers provide an instant and high quality method of crowd managment. Each barrier is made from highly durable galvanised steel, perfect for using in outdoor environments. 

The barriers come in a set of 10 as standard - included with each purchase is a high quality steel frame. The frame makes transport of the barriers very easy and also provides a means for the barriers to be stored when not in use.

Connect the police barriers end on end with each other to create excellent barrier systems fast. The hinged foot platform can be deployed to the ground with great ease, with excellent grip for pedestrians at all times. 

The police barriers are ideal for public events and can provide excellent protection for crowds for a long time. Invest in high quality barriers for better and longer lasting crowd control management.