PROline Floor Line Marking Tape - 50mm

Colour: White
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Low-Cost Marking Solution for Warehouse Floors

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  • 50mm width, 33 metre rolls
  • Available in a variety of different colours
  • Can mark off hazardous areas
  • Can mark out areas for stock or equipment
  • Easy to use and apply
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use

PROline floor line marking tape 50mm is a purpose-designed tape for demarcating spaces, alerting visitors to potential tripping hazards and marking features on floors. This product is made to last and offers a considerably improved lifespan when compared to standard coloured tapes.

PROline floor line marking tape 50mm yellow/black is very popular for marking off hazard areas, alerting workers and visitors to potentially dangerous areas in your facility and thereby improving safety.

It’s no surprise why so many of our customers are ordering their PROline floor line marking tape 50mm online, with its huge range of uses and total ease of use. Our customers use this tape for line marking aisles, traffic ways and other areas with total precision.

What’s more, this PROline tape looks great once applied and can very easily be replaced when the tape begins to wear out or if you want to change the demarcation area or the colour of the marking, making it far superior to painted markings. For total convenience, this product can be applied using our floor tape marking machine kit.

Where to use line marking tape

Use the line marking tape in a variety of areas including

  • Warehouse floors
  • School halls
  • Storage areas
  • Supermarkets

Product Dimensions

  • Width: 50mm

  • Length: 33M

  • Inner Diameter: 76mm